I am way too tired to actually run this instance and at some point I'm gonna be honest with myself and do something else with this domain

Why would a person named knife duck like guns you ask?


I should maybe do something with this instance 🤔

Class consciousness was at an all-time high about 6 months ago
🎶 and now it's even higher
and now it's even higher 🎵
🎶and now it's even higher!

fun with guns 

Semi-auto Mag dumping. My experiences:

22LR: "eeeeeeee!!"

9mm: The resulting grin may last as long as 10 minutes.

5.56/.223: Expect to giggle when you hit empty, grin could last as long as 15 minutes. Cheeks tend to hurt.


u ever go to the forest and then someone's gone and fuckin scrombled all the trees? goddamnit

(cw: vr guns shitpost)

you: you can't sharpshoot with that, it's 1-handed

me, a genius with too many rail adapters:

I can't stop yelling about my CMMG .22lr Bolt conversion-- it's just so cool!! :D

@MoMartin Bless this toot; may it reach more who need to hear it!!

The point of anti-fascism is not to make fascists afraid. Fascists are already afraid, that's why they're fascists. They have a fear based worldview. The point of anti-fascism is to make sure that fascists are isolated, unable to connect with, organize and mobilize other fascists. The point is to make fascists lonely.

I think the transition from to is the transition away from reacting to news and instead to focusing on hyper-local activism to help rebuild the failing concept of community in this corporate husk of a country

You gotta cherish every unique moment in life. If you need one, here's the bottom of a telephone pole.

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Anti-Fascist Gun Club

A club for folks who're into guns, hate nazis, and want to make the world a safer and friendlier place for all of us-- not just the folks on top.